Production from Freemantle Media
Channel 4 | Documentary Series | 60'

grand designs montage
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Presented by designer and writer Kevin McCloud, each episode follows different people who have set out to pursue their vision of a dream home by building it themselves. Each project is completely unique, with many calling for custom-made elements that make the final result not only a home, but also a work of art.


Some of the most unusual buildings include a domed house in a hillside built entirely by the owner and his family, and a glass house on top of a Welsh cliff which is part home, part architectural monument.

When I first started working with Grand Designs to write commissioned music in 2015, I knew from watching every single episode religiously that it very much had it's own already established sound. The director expressed to me how he wanted a fresher and more polished selection of music to match the calibre of designs in that particular season, and with the reveals being written especially for the sequences.

Grand Designs won a BAFTA that year for Features. 

Strings, many (subtle) synths, kalimba, electric guitar, piano, electric bass, marimba, glockenspiel all featured heavily.