Directed by Ian Hunt
ITV | Documentary Series | 4x60'

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Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s most famous woman, has been on the British throne for 67 years. Ever since her glittering coronation Queen Elizabeth II has become one of the most powerful and respected leaders on earth and her story has fascinated and delighted people, not just in Britain but around the world.

Now this landmark series, which is themed across four episodes, provides fresh insider insight from historians, royal insiders and the wider family creating a fascinating rich series that reveals who the Queen and her family really are, and just how they have navigated the, sometimes turbulent, last seven decades of her record-breaking reign.

Creating suitable music for royalty on screen was my only direction. Using Western Classical as a starting point, I then added elements to enhance the drama and fully support the dialogue in the films, whilst giving the music contemporary inflections to assist the stories. 

Full orchestra with support when required from synth basses and pads, piano and marimba.