Directed by Alice Seabright
Short, Drama | 19 minutes

The Phoenix (Trailer)
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A lifelong friendship is rekindled when Martha’s elderly mother dies and Gloria decides to accompany Martha on a final trip aboard The Phoenix, the similarly ageing canal boat Martha grew up on, to the boat yard where she plans to sell it.

The film is set in the heart of the canal barge community, and the directer and I from early on loved the idea of the music reflecting that; asking questions like, what kind of instruments would people in the community play? And, what condition are those instruments in? We ran with the idea of the music being a character and representing the community that Martha's mother was so heavily involved with, and ultimately being the sound of our protagonist's childhood. 

The accordion, mandolin and banjo featured heavily with support from the harmonica and acoustic guitar. The light percussion used was nothing more than an old cheap bass drum, shakers and a rusty tambourine.